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Allegro Vivace by Cat Grant

My pal Cat Grant has a new e-book out today with Ambure Allure. I haven't read it yet, but I've read everything else she's written so I know it will be hot and sexy with a believable plot and engaging characters. Buy it here.

From the website:

Allegro Vivace

Sparks fly when brash young violinist Matt Dugan strides into professor Aaron Parrish’s classroom. Aaron’s intrigued by the twenty-year-old virtuoso, and agrees to take him on for private lessons. Things get off to a rocky start that’s complicated by a growing mutual attraction.

But Aaron, still reeling from the loss of his partner two years earlier, resists—until the afternoon Matt seduces him in his office.

Teacher and student embark on a passionate affair. Matt wants to tell everyone, while Aaron fears their twenty-five-year age difference will make them objects of scorn and ridicule. Can Aaron conquer his doubts, or will he lose Matt forever?

Genres: Gay / Contemporary / The Arts / Teacher & Student
Heat Level: 3

Teacher/Student, eh? That'll push a few buttons. Oh, did I say that out loud? ;-D

Tags: publishing

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