December 30th, 2009

tea and books


So I saw SHERLOCK HOLMES last night. WARNING: Bad seats can seriously affect your viewing pleasure, so get there early!

I enjoyed it. I always enjoy those sorts of buddy-swashbuckly-clever plotline-snarky dialogue-thrillers, from RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARC to SAHARA to NATIONAL TREASURE. (The problem with DA VINCI CODE is that it's way too serious and severely lacking in buddies (and therefore homoerotic subtext), so it doesn't get to be part of this BSCPSDT genre I have just invented. (Also I am envious of Dan Brown's writing success and therefore not entirely objective.))

So here's my question: Has there ever been a FEMALE-buddy-swashbuckly-clever plotline-snarky dialogue-thriller? (No, Themla and Louise was a tragedy. I want a feel-good movie.) A sort of Buffy & that smart chick from NCIS take on the Illuminati.