December 13th, 2009


Virtual Gifts and more

I only just realized that if you click on your virtual gifts, you get a little message from the gifter. So belated thank-yous to elisa_rolle, jensenrick, and tamara_allen. I'm very pleased with my loverly lj decorations.

In other news, I'm still sick, nearly 2 weeks in. Too sick to be productive, but sadly not too sick to drag myself into the day job every day. Blah! I've been thinking about the new book a lot, but no actually writing has been done, unless you count midnight Blackberry messages to myself that says things like:
o  That's how new demons are made.
o  Cliffhanger-y ending = series.
o  She should try other stuff and fail first.
I wonder what I meant by those notes. Huh.

Yesterday was my annual RWA group social. What a difference from last year when I didn't really know anyone. I have my core group of writers that I love, and I got a chance to chat with a few new people as well. I was so glad I went, and I won a free book by Stephenie Bidwell-Grimes. Cool. And I bought a few books for $1, including a Holly Black novel that I'm already well into Also cool.

No more news on the agent-hunt front.

One more week of work and I'm off for two. Yay!