December 4th, 2009

Going Pro 101

All your agent shopping in one handy location

Link via Colleen Lindsay of Fineprint Literary.

If you've ever gone shopping for an agent, you know what a pain it is. If only there was a website where you could go, load up your submission once, and all the agents would go there to read it.

Well, not quite that simple, you still have to personalize your query letter, and there's number of character restrictions, but still, it's what we've aways wanted.

An idea of how it works:

I was truly surprised at the number of big-name agents who are giving it a try.
List of participating agents as of today:

Plus the usual writer's forums and other resources. This could be it.

In other news... still sick and all drugged out on OTC cold remedies, so I didn't answer the phone when it rang. Now I'm trying to figure out who would call me from New York City on a cellphone. Would an agent ever call for pages? Nobody's got a full yet. But it's not likely it's a telemarketer using a cell, right? And while I have online pals in New York, they'd email. Huh. Hopeful writer is hopeful.

ETA: Stuck the number in the reverse white pages and got: "This number is a cell phone based in Westchester and is unpublished." Who do I know in Westchester?