November 7th, 2009

Going Pro 101

INDUSTRY: haikujaguar has an comprehensive round-up post on e-publishing

Having clicked on the links yet, but it's looks very interesting: Haikujaguar herself has a very unusual publishing model.

Me? I think we're heading to e-books, but we're not there yet. The current e-book model isn't working, with the pirating, the multitude of devices and softwares, and the ease of entry into (and out of) the e-book publishing marketplace. But it'll shake-down and a new model will emerge--that's just Economics 101.

But for now, I believe that commercial success (which is my goal. YMMV) is still more likely within the traditional print world. And yes, statistically it's hard to get published there, but not impossible. Every day someone on one of my RWA lists announces they've landed a deal or an agent. I don't see why that can't be me. I gotta try.

A couple of decades ago, a friend's daughter, K., announced she was going to take interior design in college. I debated saying something about how hard it was to get a job in the industry, but didn't. While in school, K. worked for free for the design association, meeting many important design execs and walked into a job right out of school. Today, she's a partner in a successful firm while many of her former classmates are still selling paint or have taken jobs in other fields. I'm glad I held my tongue. Being a successful author is the same as becoming a successful interior designer--tough going. But even if the odds are against you, a slim chance is better than no chance. Just like K. did, you make your own luck.

Now back to the synopsis for SHIFT HAPPENS. I've got it down to 500 words. Now I just have to make them 500 Really Good words.

Anyone know when agent Colleen Lindsay will be open for submissions again? (Hopeful writer is hopeful.)