November 1st, 2009

Dual Citizenship

The Idiot’s Guide to Bisexuality

My niece has come out! (And not the niece I thought, huh.) She's written a wonderful, and funny (well, she is my niece) post about being bisexual.
I especially like this part.

How Not to Piss Off a Bisexual Person

  • We don’t automatically want to sleep with you. Or your girlfriend.
  • No, you can’t take pictures.
  • The women you see in dance clubs who make out with their girlfriends to attract men’s attention? Probably not us.
  • If I leave you for another woman, that woman will be me. Or your mom.

It also has a number of useful links at the bottom.

Go, read. Comment. Friend.

I'm so proud.

Big Mouth Fan

Be careful what you google and also pee not on electrified fences

In SHIFT HAPPENS, there's a scene where a character tosses a rock at an electrified fend to make sure it's been turned off.

"Nuh-uh" says super-beta angela_fiddler. "Doesn't work that way." (How the heck does she know this stuff?)

So back to the research mines. I recalled having heard some apocryphal tale of people peeing on electrified fences and thought that would fit great with the tone of the story. (What? What?) So off I go to google and... Ewwww! There should be a warning before you click on a link that takes you to a close up picture of a charred and blackened penis! Yes, flist. That is what happens if you pee on an electrified fence. Remember that next time you're mad at your boyfriend and wandering around a military enclosure or some such. "Hey, honey. Let's see what happens if..."

I ended up finding info about touching a plastic-handled knife blade to two different bits of the metal fencing to get an arc, writing the whole scene, liking it, and then cutting it completely. I mean, why have them climb the fence you can blow the whole thing flat with a grenade. What was I thinking?

But still, there's a lesson to be learned here about googling penises. Or something.

In writing news: Synopsis 1, Stormy 0.