October 31st, 2009


I'm open to suggestions

I'm planning on entering the first 250 words of my completed novel to Authoress's Friday Fricassee.

Any thoughts, comments, suggestions before I hit send?

Storm Grant
Urban Fantasy

“How, exactly, is a parasitic dick-fish a selling point, Doc?” Adrian’s voice rose, as did his eyebrows, not that Doc Soc could see him over a thousand miles of telephone lines.

“C’mon, Adrian. It’s the Amazon jungle. There’s amazing flora and fauna. Like the carnero. It swims up your urine stream, into your penis. Local tribes use it to determine guilt—you live, you’re innocent; you die...”

Adrian shuddered, his shoulder-length curls tickling his neck. “Well, I…”

“That a yes? Great! I’ll just—”

“Whoa, Doc! Time out.” Adrian paced his living room. “Sorry, Doc. Fascinating as your dick-fish sounds, not to mention the monkey-brain salad, I can’t just take off and go tooling around the rainforest.” He yanked a loose thread from his dress slacks. A tiny hole appeared in the seam.

“But the cave paintings, the lost temples, the shamanic miracles? You can’t say no to shamanic miracles! I need you, Adrian. You did your post-grad work on the Temple of Transfiguration. And you’re so good with languages. And photography. We’re going to find it. You’re going to find it!”

Professor Socrates Kawasaki could be very persuasive, hitting all Adrian’s anthropological hot buttons. (Except maybe the dick-fish. Adrian felt pretty sure he preferred his dick fish-free.) Finny parasites aside, Adrian heard the siren call of all things rainforest, shamanic, and miraculous.

“I’ve got a job. A career,” he amended. “I just got promoted to HR Manager.”

“But you’re an anthropologist. What happened to your dreams? Going on one little expedition isn’t going to hurt you!”

- - - - - -

Thanks, and Happy Halloween!