October 18th, 2009


My fun-filled, unproductive weekend. \0/ Everybody needs one once in a while.

At the end of last weekend I only had 20 more pages to edit on SHIFT HAPPENS. Guess how many I have left to edit as of today. That's right! Twenty!

Instead of writing anything this weekend, I did much other nifty stuff.

Friday after work I went to an art showing at my friend Lynn's house. Now Lynn used to produce a lot of good paintings and a few stellar ones for her yearly art show, which made it easy to pick one or two to agonize over and nearly buy. (The one I really wanted was sold when I got there!) But over the years Lynn has gotten so very good that all her stuff is excellent and I couldn't even pick one or two I wanted. Now Lynn and I are going to San Miguel, Mexico again this year, she to paint and I to write. I've asked her to paint something specifically for me while we're there. No idea how I'll get it home, but won't that be amazing?

Saturday was an all-day session at my RWA chapter with the amazing Alicia Rasley. Not only is Alicia knowledgeable, but she's so into her subject. Her face and manner were absolutely joyful the entire 7 hours! She showed us a few scenes from Casablanca and pointed out all kinds of things I'd never see, although thanks to the screenwriting texts I've been reading, I'm certainly seeing more in film that I used to. At one point she talked about the homoerotic subtext between Renault and Rick. spindriftdancer and I (sitting in the front row), high fived. "Ah," Alicia says. "I see we have some slashers among us." Busted. ;-D  Turns out she's a big Buffy fan and just wrote an article on fanfiction, including slash.

Today I put my money where my mouth is, and instead of heading to our local big box bookstore, I went down to Bakka-Pheonix, Toronto's specialty sci-fi and fantasy bookstore, and bought several hundred dollars worth of books. I had a blast and when I got home I discovered he'd given me a nice discount. I just emailed the owner to tell him thanks. I guess the fact that I was spending the day with his mother didnt' hurt. ;-D  She and I also attended a movie this morning. Apparently there's a TIFF offshoot whereby you purchase a subscription, and then once a month you see a fabulous indie or foreign film on a Sunday morning. Today we saw "Letters to Father Jacob", which will be Finland's Oscar entry this year. It was fabulous. And thanks to yesterday's RWA lecture, Christopher Vogler, Syd Fields, and Blake Snyder, I saw so much more in the film that I otherwise would have. Oh, and thanks also przed and st_crispins for their input into my appreciation of film over the years.

So an active weekend without any writing. Back to the day job tomorrow.

And BTW, is your Firefox crashing a lot lately? Didn't we used to choose Firefox because, among other reasons, it rarely crashed?