October 14th, 2009

Going Pro 101

Market News

I often repost the content of Cindi Myer's excellent newsletter, here.

And this month's newsletter is especially interesting because it's about Tor who publish scifi, fantasy and urban fantasy, and also paranormal romance.

But I'm not going to repost it here, not because I'm a paranoid, selfish bitca who doesnt' want all of you getting to Heather Osborne before I do, but because Cindi now has a blog.

You can read her terrific posts here: http://cindimyersmarketnews.wordpress.com/2009/10/14/tor-books-and-more/

Or I made a livejournal RSS feed here: http://syndicated.livejournal.com/cindymyers/

Enjoy! (Race ya to Heather!)
~ g.