October 3rd, 2009

Big Mouth Fan

Welcome to the dark side...

My day-job boss, Mr. BigCorporateBossMan, BA., MBA., LLB, heir apparent to the corner office of the multi-billion dollar corporation where we work...is totally hooked on True Blood. Hahahaha! My work here is done. Well, except maybe the filing. ;-D

In other news, I am halfway through final substantive edits on SHIFT HAPPENS. The road so far:

1) I'm so pleased with the way it's turning out. It's exactly the kind of book I want to read.

2) Thanks so much to angela_fiddler and Joan Leacott for their terrific betas of this version. (Thanks, too to bittermint, angela_fiddler, and etui for betas on the previous, not-so-great version. Hey, I learned at lot so it was very worthwhile.)

3) I hate editing.

4) Breaktime's over. Put down the freecell and return to work. Stat!