September 14th, 2009


Don Juan and Men

   Saturday evening I attended a group reading at Toronto's Glad Day bookstore. I went by myself and that was fine. I know enough people in the community now to find people to chat with. And I walked up to people and introduced myself.

Don Juan and Men is a new anthology, edited by Caro Soles (Drag Queen in the Court of Death), published by MLR, and featuring a number of authors. The interpretations on the topic were wildly different--this is no one-note antho. People who read were:

Caro Soles, antho editor
Jeffrey Round, host of the evening
Paul Bellini, who'd worked with Mr. Grumpy in Timmins!!!
Paul Leroux, who came down from Ottawa on his 50th birthday just for the reading
Michael Rowe, award winning journalist and author

In his intro, Jeff talked a bit about things that had transpired in the gay authorly community this year. He mentioned #amazonfail, and introduced me, asking: "In the end, did we get everything we wanted?" "Everything but an apology!" I responded. I'm getting good at public speaking, eh? ;-D

I can't wait to read Don Juan and Men. I used my profits from the sales of my own book, Gym Dandy, to purchase a copy of the new antho.

In other news, I await word from scottynola regarding my submission, Sucks & Blows to his vampire antho. I love the feeling of having a line in the water. I need to send out submissions more often.