September 8th, 2009


Back to School

Or in my case, the office job. I had 8 weeks of (unpaid!) writing sabbatical and I can see why people become teachers, despite having to deal with kids. Having the summer off is great! Sadly, we can't afford for me to do it again each year, but it was a fun and productive two months.

Over the course of my sabbatical:

I finished the last major rewrite of SHIFT HAPPENS. I received one complete beta within days (thank you angela_fiddler) and a partial as well. I worked on the first third, and don't mind waiting for beta #2 to send me more because at the moment I am so sick of it I can't do it justice.

I then beta'd angela_fiddler's next novel which is going to be amazing!

I finished a short story, SUCKS AND BLOWS, and mailed it off to scottynola's antho call.

I heard from the editor of an antho that went down the tubes two years ago along with Haworth, that she has finally found an interested publisher. My story is DUAL CITIZENSHIP. I don't have a contract yet so I'm not saying details, but it's one I'm really pleased to be associated with.

I heard back from Torquere that they do want to re-contract TART & SOUL. Apparently they'd written me months ago but I somehow missed the message.

And I'm well underway with beginning my next project, working title: SCYTHE DOES MATTER. I've been reading both sample novels and books on writing, but I'm having trouble knowing what to start with: Plot? Character? Theme? This will be my first novel-length project that didn't get borrow heavily from TV characters. I've got to invent my own this time.

So... How do you go about starting a new book?