August 20th, 2009


Don't edit angry!

I am at the "I hate everything and my writing is terrible" stage of the novel. I will give it another try today, but yesterday I had to put it away and do something else.

Having only a few days left of my writing sabbatical is creating stress and pressure. Shouldn't my time away from the day job be relaxing and productive? In retrospect, I think splitting my time off into two one-month blocks would have worked better for me. Oh, well. Another sabbatical is not on the horizon... ever. Who can afford to lose 8 weeks pay and associated benefits twice? 

OTOH, I started reading a novel by a beloved sci-fi author of international fame, and after 10 chapters, put it down as unreadable. While I resent the time and money I spent on the book (and its sequel!), I find it encouraging that if he can get published and have zillions of adoring fans, so can I.

Perhaps it will go better today.

On a more positive note, 2 months ago I made a list of Things To Do While On Sabbatical, and now all but one are either done or awaiting a response. I love being caught up on life.