August 17th, 2009

Big Mouth Fan

What Not 2 Date

I have been away. I am back now. I am so.

My niece has started a funny (and cathartic) blog called What Not 2 Date. Yes, humor is genetic.

To whet your appetite, here's her welcome post:

Think back to the last time you decided to stop seeing or being with someone…

I called all my friends and in between curses and tears I testified to about 10 behaviour traits of the insignificant other that were just completely, unacceptably, ridiculous. The friends agreed. I made the right choice to be rid of the jerk who stored dirty dishes with socks, washed infrequently, raced against a sloth and lost, interrupted constantly and looked better in my clothes than I did. Pat on the back. Good riddance!

Then I was alone. Whistling in an empty room, throwing out dishes and socks, wondering why it was so quiet. Was I right after all?

When we second-guess ourselves, this could, in fact, lead to human extinction. The post-break-up conclusions we come to are actually critical to the evolution of the human race when we tell ourselves our standards are “too high”. High standards is a wonderfully good thing that raises the bar for humanity.  Alas! We overlook the logic. People tell us we’re “too picky”. So, we make excuses, hit cruise-control and “settle”.

WhatNot2Date is designed to get all of us back into questioning the dating and mating behaviours that - if left unchecked - encourage the world to become sloppy and uncouth. When we wonder aloud: “Do people actually put up with this??” people answer. Comedy ensues. It’s that simple.

When life hands you lemons … re-gift them to someone else!

Go. Read. Comment. Enjoy.