August 14th, 2009


Wrist and Shout

I have no TMI icon, so you get WTF? instead.

I don't usually post personal medical stuff (if anyone wants to know how much I love HRT, they can write me privately), but since so many of us have wrist problems, I thought I'd give a update.

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In other news, I'm off to a writer's retreat this afternoon until Monday. Won't have 'net access. If anyone does/says/hears/reads anything interesting, make sure you fire me a note about it.

Oh, and thanks to angela_fiddler for the super-speedy beta on SHIFT HAPPENS. Pacing problems? Oy, have I got pacing problems. But I've now cut out the BFF and 3 dull chapters so I'm working on it. She says I now have likable characters and a nearly-shelf-worthy novel. Yay!!!