August 9th, 2009

Dean pen

Formatting question

Two sides of a telephone conversation. Italicize the one who is not your POV character? Yes/No?

~ g.


     “In what way, Doc, is a parasitic dick-fish a selling point?” Adrian’s voice rose, as did his eyebrows, not that Doc Soc could see him over a thousand miles of telephone lines.
     “C’mon, Adrian. There’s so many fascinating things in the Amazon jungle. Amazing flora and fauna. Like the carnero. It swims up your urine stream and enters your body through your penis. The local Indians sometimes use it as punishment—believing their gods decide if the inflicted lives or dies. Let me send you the article: “Bottom-feeders at Their Best.” I’ve got an electronic copy I can email—”
     “Whoa, Doc! Time out.” Adrian squashed the phone between his ear and his shoulder, shoving his fingertips into the opposite palm to form a T. “No flora or fauna is using my penis as a point of entry. Sorry, Doc. Fascinating as your dick-fish sounds, not to mention the monkey-brain salad, I can’t just take off and go tooling around the rainforest.”