July 31st, 2009



SHIFT HAPPENS, major re-write #3, is done, topping out at 86,550 words.

Tomorrow I'll spell check, run it through Cliche Cleaner, and divide it into chapters. (It's currently 80+ scenes.)

Five people stepped up to the plate and offered to beta, two of whom had seen earlier versions and lived. Thanks so much. I'll pick two for the "big picture" beta, then bother the others for the more detailed stuff.

SHIFT HAPPENS has taken years. And it's been an education. When I started, I knew very little about writing. It will never take me so long to write a novel again.

I was planning to use the next month of my two-month sabbatical to begin The Mainstream Project, but I think I'm going to write something short and fun first. My friend, Jeff Round, came by for coffee this morning and reminded me that re-writing the classics with paranormal additions is tres popular at the moment. I've done re-writes before (as fanfiction), and can whip off a novel length rewrite in a couple of months even with the day job. I should be able to make a good start before Labour Day. I think I'll give it a shot while I shop SHIFT HAPPENS around. It'll keep my name out there. I've already got something in the public domain in mind.

So... I have a plan.

(And I still have to finish the Vampire/Dentist short and send it off to scottynola.)