July 30th, 2009


ADVICE REQUESTED: Shopping around for an agent?

I'm days away from having SHIFT HAPPENS ready for human consumption. I'm pulling together beta-readers even as we speak, er, write. (Any volunteers?)

While SH is out at beta, I'd like to complete the synopsis and query letter.

This is the moment to pull together a list of agents to approach. I will, of course, do the online database thing (Publisher's Marketplace, Agent Query, Predators and Editors), but better than any third-party resource, would be suggestions and recommendations from you!

So... do you have any suggestions of agents who might be interested in a m/m urban fantasy?

I've published with both electronic and POD publishers previously with much satisfaction, and wouldn't hesitate to submit to MLR again. However, to obtain commercial success, I believe one must seek representation and subsequent publication through the large, traditional print-based houses. (There are exceptions, of course.)

- - -  A few details - - -

SHIFT HAPPENS, complete at 90,000 words, is an m/m urban fantasy that's harsh, bold, thrilling, graphic, funny, and sexy. 

LOGLINE 1, THE GMC VERSION:  An anthropologist must report a Colombian drug lab to stop the manufacture of a new designer drug and rescue the enslaved workers but is dependent on a shapeshifted secret operative who has other plans.

LOGLINE 2, THE COVER COPY: An anthropologist finds cave paintings, secret cures, and a hot boyfriend when he teams with the spirit world to take down a delusional drug lord. 

HIGH CONCEPT: Brokeback Ladyhawke goes over the rainbow.

More details about SHIFT HAPPENS, including opening scene, here.