July 25th, 2009


And now in writing news...

Week 2 of my writing sabbatical draws to a close. I've written 9 of the 15 days I've been off. I'm at the cutting and polishing stage on SHIFT HAPPENS, so my gain of 7500 words is very net. I've probably chopped an equal amount.

As of today, I can say I've incorporated every single idea I had, large and small, into the story. (Which means all the little handwritten notes have big honking tick-marks through 'em!) It's now a complete telling of the story I wish to tell. And yet, I have 7 or 8 scenes yet to write or re-write. Why? Because I need to add in more of the Love Interest's (Tom's) POV.

Initially I told the entire story from one POV, like my first novel, GYM DANDY. Then I decided I needed to up the word count so I added Tom's POV. I realize that was the wrong reason, but once I saw how much richer it made the story, I carried on and really liked it. Because Tom isn't a shapeshifter who can go back and forth at will, but rather someone who's stuck as a jaguar till he figures out how to change back, his thinking pattern gradually deteriorate from human, into very big cat. His POV scenes get shorter and shorter until they're reduced to "eat, protect, mate, kill". In terms of writing, I need to go through all 80 scenes and see which ones should be re-told from his POV, or revisit sections where they're apart and figure out what Tom is doing while Adrian's off doing his thang. Actually, I've done the first half of the book, so just the last 40 scenes. Piece of pi. ;-D

Tomorrow's a day with family (my eldest niece is home from Manchester, England, for a month!) so no writing tomorrow. I am hoping to write the Tom POV scenes Monday and Tuesday. Then the following few days should be spent smoothing and polishing. And so it will finally be done and ready for human eyes. Yikes!

In other writing news, my Vampire/Dentist short story comes along. I have been told I have achieved humour! I think I'll go work on it now.