July 19th, 2009

dripping pen

Pirates--and not the good kind

It looks like GYM DANDY has been uploaded to a download site--one that has no free downloads, you have to join for $20 a month. Do these people not know you can download ebooks and audiobooks from their local library system *for free*.

Since the kind of person who downloads books illegally is not a person who's going to buy my books anyway, I don't really consider this potential for lost sales. I joined a new group called authors against copyright theft, so we'll see how that goes.

In writing news, I'm switching back and forth between the vampire short (4k) and the shapeshifter novel (80k). Both are going quite well. I think I'm ready to load the vampire short up to my critique group. These are terrific people from my RWA group who I really like; let's see how they handle m/m (mild) erotica.

Tomorrow marks week 2 of my 8 week writing sabbatical (which means a sabbatical *for* writing, not a sabbatical *from* writing. ;-D)