July 10th, 2009

stormy weather

Avoiding Torchwood Spoilers

Thanks to everyone on my flist who has carefully hidden Torchwood spoilers behind cut tags. Not so on Twitter. Once again people think they can't do damage in 140 characters.

If you haven't seen Children of Earth yet (which airs later this month on Space) and don't want to be spoiled, stay away from Twitter altogether.

Now I know exactly what's coming and in which episode, just from the name given to a #hashtag. And because it's a #hashtag (a way of organizing information since Twitter is more or less a big database), that means it'll be re-tweeted and re-tweeted... Damn.


I am now officially on writing sabbatical until after Labour Day. Two solid (unpaid!) months of writing time. I will finally finish that freakin' shapeshifter novel.

I'm used to a lot of social interaction at the office, which will be suddenly scaled down to Mr. Grumpy, the guy who works the cash at the cafe, and YOU! Don't leave me lonely, my precious flist!

Now... to start writing. After I watch Torchwood, and then I have to take the dogs out. Tomorrow is a whole whack of RWA meetings. Maybe Sunday? Yeah, writing full-time, here I come. ;-D