June 26th, 2009


Does Promo Work? Indigo and RL

I stopped doing online promo about 4 or 5 weeks ago. If I had nothing new to say, I wasn't going to continue posting old news when others deserved the attention for new releases, awards, and reviews. Plus I've been busy with real life stuff.

It was also an interesting test: does promo actually do anything? And so I watched GYM DANDY slowly edge down the Amazon rankings, until it was very low indeed...

And then today it POPPED back up on the gay bestsellers list. Wow! 

I only have one thing to say about that... Thanks for buying my book!

In other news, after 7 years of pain and 4 years of doctors, we have a difintive diagnosis for why my wrist hurts: In addition to arthritis and cysts which aren't the main source of the problem, I have a torn ligament in my hand. I must now wait nearly a year to see an orthopaedic specialist. The grumpy news is that I wanted my wrist X-rayed years ago, but they had to do my neck and arm first. The good news is it's all paid for by OHIP. And so I carry on with anti-inflammatories, expensive (but tasty!) glucosimine, and the lovely neoprene wrist brace. Yay?

With regard to today's reading at Indigo... it didn't go well, although each author sold a couple of books. The thing I hadn't realized, is that even though the manager at Indigo had ordered the readers' books too late to get them in the store for the signing, it was still good news that they'd ordered in dozens of copies of each author's books from the publishers and they'd now be in the Indigo system. That's good, right? And even better was I got to spend time with RM Vaughan and Allen Stratton, and of course with Jeffrey Round.