June 24th, 2009


News: New life, new books, more chairs!

Important stuff going on with me and around me.

--My niece is pregnant! I'm going to be very old a grand-aunt. This will be the first child of the new generation on either side of the family.

--The launch of my friend Jeffrey Round's new book, Death in Key West, was last night. It was a class act, as is he. Held in a private art gallery, with live music, and professionally catered, it was terrific. Death in Key West is the second book in a fun, gay mystery series, the first one being The P'town Murders. Buy 'em. You won't be sorry.

--Remember Samhain's shifter call? Only three stories were selected, and one was from my pal Robie Madison. Check out The Man of Her Dreams, now available from Samhain.

--I'll be reading from my debut novel, GYM DANDY, tomorrow at the Yonge & Eglinton Indigo. I invited 100 people from all my walks of life, from my Toastmasters Group and my RWA Group to my husband's coworkers and my own. Oh, yeah. And some friends. ;-D People I don't even know are telling me they're coming. We're definitely going to need more chairs!