June 12th, 2009

tea and books

Audio Courses?

An unsolicited catalogue dropped into my in-basket today. It offers lectures on DVD or CD or audio download. Since I walk everywhere, I've become crazy about audio books, both fiction and non-fiction.

These look like university level courses, but they're expensive. For instance Dante’s Divine Comedy is 24-30 minute lectures (12 hours), but it's US$130 before taxes. I bought a wonderfully illustrated hard copy, but reading it and hearing it analyzed would be two very different pieces of pizza, right? I'd like to take that one as background for my Grim Reaper novel, but...

Some of the sale courses are more in US$35 to US$50 range. There's a link that says all courses go on sale once a year, so I guess I can just keep an eye on that one.

Is anyone familiar with the company? Tried any of their courses?

Thank you.