May 17th, 2009


Story help: Who calls time of death at a crime scene?

The road so far: My Main Character, Adrian, finds his neighbour, Violet, in the hallway outside his apartment. He calls 911 and starts CPR. He keeps it up until the paramedics arrive, but she dies anyway.

What happens next? Can the paramedics call time of death? Do they await the Coroner? Do they take her away on a gurney? In a body bag?




When GYM DANDY debuted back in January, I announced it at the office. Those horrified homophobic gasps? Never came. (Did I mention I love my big gay country? And my big gay company.)

Instead, I've been asked to write an article for the company newsletter. Not about anything gay, but because I write well enough to get published. The topic is customer service.

So... anybody got customer service tales to tell? Good service? Bad service? First hand experiences preferable. I'd like to stay away from "it happened to a friend of a friend". Anyone got a story particular to Canadian Tire? Or any of our subsidiaries such as Mark's Work Wearhouse? That'd be awesome.

Some of you work retail. I would love to get your side of the story for a balance article.

Thanks in advance!