May 16th, 2009

Gym Dandy Cover

A Good Review! And some other stuff.

  Whipped Cream reviews liked GYM DANDY! Yay and thank you!

The review is a little spoilery, but overall, I'm delighted and entertained. In the description, they list it as: "Other: M/M, Anal Intercourse." Way to be specific, Whipped Cream. There was also kissing. ;-D

Read the whole review here, or if you'd prefer not to be spoiled, here are the highlights:

Gym Dandy is a fun story full of humor and surprises.

This story was a fun read filled with humor and heart. Each chapter brought something new as the story and relationship between Victor and Doug took a new turn. Charming, bisexual, and a bit immature and scattered with his thoughts, Victor is an interesting character. As is Doug, who comes across as very prim and proper and a bit clumsy because of his nervousness around Victor. Victor is very patient and understanding when it comes to Doug, which I found touching. It was interesting to learn more about each man and to watch their friendship develop despite all of the things they run into which include a spiteful employer, ex-wives, old friends, and some interesting secrets which really added to the story.

There’s an interesting twist that goes a long way in explaining some of Victor’s behavior and really added to his character. ...I really enjoyed getting to know both men and watching the story progress.

Overall, this was a fun and touching story about two men who learn a lot about themselves and about each other as they deal with an inconvenient attraction.

"An inconvenient attraction". I like that.

In other news, I am not at Saint's and Sinners, but apparently I was mentioned in a Masterclass. Greg Herren (

scottynola) referred to me as one of the female writers who does male characters well. That's high praise, indeed! Thanks, Greg!

I have two readings and a signing coming up shortly. Any advice? I joined my local Toastmasters to get over my nervousness with public speaking, but I probably should have joined a year ago. {{{nervous girl is nervous}}}

I had planned to write all weekend, but apparently the in-laws are dropping by at 11:00 today (it's currently 7:00) so I'll be cleaning the house all morning and visiting all afternoon. This? Is why it takes me 3 years to finish a novel. I can't wait till my 2-month (unpaid) sabbatical later this summer.

I'm off to MediaWestCon next week. W00t!

In TV viewing (which is equally as important as writing news) I am almost caught up on Chuck, which I hear has been renewed, along with another favourite, Dollhouse. Anybody heard about Castle yet?

Off to dust.