April 26th, 2009

Going Pro 101

Red Sage Publishing?

Anyone know anything about them?

There's a post-RT blog post about what they're looking for:

I was asking around [at RT] for three things:
-- longer (over 40k, but especially 70-100k) stories for our e-books program,
-- M/M of any length for our e-books program, and
-- resumes for acquisitions editors. I need to hire some freelancers. Soon.

I poked around their site and couldn't find any m/m, but maybe I just missed it. Are they just late to the m/m party?

Anybody publish with them?

I find it odd that just when Ellora's Cave says they no longer actively seeking m/m, Samhain and now Red Sage are posting looking for it. Weird business is publishing, eh?

False Colors AND Transgressions!

According to the Indigo website, both False Colors and Transgressions are now in stock at my local Indigo. I shall go book stalking tomorrow! I can't wait to see where they're shelved. I'm so moving GYM DANDY next to them. Guilt by association rules! ;-D

I'm also thinking of picking up Save the Cat!: The Last Book on Screenwriting You'll Ever Need. Anyone read it? Rec it?
(Of course the title begs the question, if it's the last book on screenwriting I'll ever need, how come you wrote two sequels?)