April 18th, 2009

Gym Dandy Cover

Oh, Amazon. What now?

First, read Lawrence Schimel's post, here: http://desayunoencama.livejournal.com/373671.html Amazon.com cut the picture of two gals kissing off a lesbian title, but you can see it no Amazon.co.uk.

GYM DANDY was back up on the gay bestseller list this morning, although it's off by now. Also, it now has a ranking on Amazon.co.uk where it never did before.
None of my Kindle books have rankings, although they never did, nor does GYM DANDY on Amazon.ca. I'll give 'em some time. Glitches (my ass) aren't fixed in a day, or even a week. GYM DANDY might be doing a little better on some other sites. It has a ranking on Barnes and Noble now, but I don't remember if it did before. Oddly, TART & SOUL has a several new reviews (of the click-only kind) on Fictionwise. Since you can't review on FW without purchasing, it must be selling again. Hey, Baby got backlist. ;-D

Still pushing my Constructive Agenda, here: http://storm-grant.livejournal.com/163596.html

Maureen McGowan posted the anti-same-sex marriage commercial together with Stephen Colbert's response in her blog, here: http://maureenmcgowan.blogspot.com/2009/04/gay-storms-ahead-beware.html 

I so don't get the "coming storm's" argument. It's not that I disagree with it; how can I if I don't understand it? How would it affect me if the same sex couple living together down the street got legally hitched. (Oh, wait. This is Canada. They did.)