April 11th, 2009

Gym Dandy Cover

Reviews from friends...GYM DANDY & STEVE BERMAN'S VINTAGE

The trouble with many "professional" reviews is that the reviewer is reading our books with an eye towards finding bad stuff. The nice thing about friend's reviews is they're reading it looking for something nice to say. I'm delighted to say that some friends managed to find a few nice things to say about GYM DANDY. Here's a round up post of reviews from friends. Please note I didn't ask for them to buy the book or to review it. This is strictly voluntary. And maybe that makes it all the more meaningful to me.
Thank you.

...I read my first non-slash fanfiction, gay, erotic story. First of all, the Table of Contents is to die for! With Chapters titled “Love is a Many Gendered Thing”, “The Ego has Landed”, and “I Could Have Been a Pretender”, how can you go wrong? Despite no_snow_eh’s promise to translate any Canadian I didn’t understand, I didn’t have any difficulty with the story. Victor is the loud, proud, gay trainer at a Toronto gym. Doug is the shy, formal, accountant who signs up for a personal trainer. Victor is sure Doug’s gay, mostly because Doug protests too much. All, however is not as it seems, and just when you think Victor and Doug will never get it together – pow! SG drives a plot twist right between your eyes. Very nicely done.
~ ladychris (flocked post, reprinted with permission)

Victor is a sweetly goofy personal trainer at a downtown Toronto gym.  He’s the kind of guy who says “metaphysical” instead of “metaphoric” and files Rachmaninoff next to Roch Voisine in his CD collection, and all without irony.  He’s a jock and he’s content.  Then along comes the new client, Doug, a hetero diamond-in-the-rough who starts off with abs of flab, yet still manages to rock Victor’s world (which admittedly consists largely of the gym and the gay ghetto.)  Still, there is more to this mixed-up attraction than meets the eye.  The reader knows it and Victor senses it, even while Doug denies denies denies.  Of course, there’s trouble a-brewing (isn’t there always?) for the ill-fated pair in this sweetly smart romance.  Every time it seems like things might come to a head, something sideswipes the budding romance between them.  And just when you despair it might never happen, a surprise ending that you won’t see coming (and if you did, you peeked!) turns everyone’s world completely around.  The characters are sexy and the writing is as tight as a pair of hot buns.  And, for added measure, you just might pick up some good training tips to get your bawdy in shape for Pride.
~ Jeffrey Round, author of Death In Key West and The P-Town Murders (Cormorant Books) http://www.jeffreyround.com/WhatIveBeenReading.php

Despite having too much else to do (as usual) and prob. not having a clear sense of priorities, I finished reading Gym Dandy by Storm Grant in snippets. It's a hoot!
~Jean Roberta (jean_roberta) http://lizardlez.livejournal.com/70407.html

And a friend's review of a book I didn't write, Steve Berman's (mroctober) Vintage.  (Here's her email, reprinted with permission.)
Thank you so much for suggesting Vintage! OMG -- it's the best book I've read in ages, and the first one in years to make me miss my stop on the subway. So sad, so terrifying, so loving the whole goth thing! Poor Second Mike! Poor First Mike! It was a truly delicious read that grabbed me and dragged me along for a wild ride.
~ Bonnie Staring, in email (http://bonniestaring.blogspot.com/)

Do I have great friends or what?