April 8th, 2009

stormy weather

Pretty meh

This time of year gets me down--we get a few warm days, then bam, back to sub-zero temperatures and snow. I know the end is in sight, but it drags on me.

I'm not:
o  Blogging (and I should have said I had a great time at the queer salon Saturday night),
o  Commenting (and congrats to all my friends who have good news lately),
o  Posting on lists (see above re congrats)
o  Emailing (uh, sorry?)
o  Twittering (I'm hard pressed to come up with 140 characters to tweet twice a day),
o  Writing. (I keep at it though, even if it's just 2000 words a week).

But... I'm still reading your posts and comments and tweets and you guys are great and interesting and entertaining.

Mostly I'm working my way through the complete collections of Terry Pratchett and Christopher Moore. I'll be back soon.