April 4th, 2009


Just in case an agent happens to wander by...

Today I finally planted ass in chair and put 1600 new words on SHIFT HAPPENS. I do believe the choice to add the love interest's POV will make it a better novel, even if it means it'll delay being finished a little longer.

I did some marketing stuff for TECHNO THRALL and GYM DANDY, and created a "wishful thinking" page for SHIFT HAPPENS since it's nearing completion. It's a combination query blurb, book proposal, and general showcase of stuff I think might be of interest. Plus the entire first chapter. Anyone want to poke around and give me feedback?

My friend Jeffrey Round runs a queer literary salon at Toronto's premiere gay bookstore, Glad Day, every two months. I'm attending tonight's event. The readings are by Elizabeth Ruth, Keith Garebian, and R.M. Vaughan. I hate to admit I didn't know their work. I've googled a bit and these guys are all literary writers and theatre people. I'm on the agenda for the June salon. What am I, a brand new genre writer with only a few short stories and one novel to my name, doing in such illustrious company? It's two months away and I'm already nervous. I'm taking notes tonight, and hoping to figure out how long an excerpt to read. Do you think they'll notice if I bring a stop-watch?