March 16th, 2009


Love for sale

TECHNO THRALL is now available as a Kindle book on Amazon</a>, and on Fictionwise, as well as in multiple formats on the Lyrical Press site. Remember this book is quite a departure for me. It's m/f and it's not funny. It's dark and futuristic and highly erotic. Hey, something for everyone.

GYM DANDY is bouncing back up the Fictionwise charts. Go figure. Maybe one is generating interest in the other?

911 Dispatcher Script?

My google-fu has failed me.

I need to know what a 9-1-1 operator would say if I called them. Can anyone point me to a script? I believe they start with a question about fire, police or ambulance but I'd love their exact wording. (Yes, it's for a story...)

Thank you.