March 15th, 2009

Big Mouth Fan

All I wanna do is tape bugs to you!

Traditional writing advice says never open a story with a line of dialogue. Hmmm. So of course GYM DANDY not only opens with dialogue, it opens with singing. And not just singing, but fractured lyrics:

    “Well, since my body left me.” Victor carried a barbell, a weight collar, and a tune across the gym, The King singing backup from the tinny ceiling speakers. Too bad Elvis always got the words wrong!
    “Hey, Victor!”
    “I found a new barbell.” Victor ignored his boss, carrying on with his cleanup duties and his singing.
     Restoring the smaller items to their proper places, he turned his attention to the big weights heaped carelessly near the squat cage.
     It’s down at the bend of —”
     “Victor! Your four o’clock is here.”

(You can read the rest of the first chapter using Amazon's "Search Inside" feature. Or on the MLR website.)

In honour of my first print publication, my eldest niece bought me a book of fractured 80s lyrics, called Hit Me With Your Pet Shark. Could anything have been more perfect? I've been reading bits of it here and there--cuz you wouldn't want read it cover to cover in a single sitting--and really enjoying it. Apparently he has another book called Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza. Ha! I might have to get that one too. Here's his website: 

And the title of this entry--All I wanna do is tape bugs to you!--can you figure out what 80s song that's from?


POV or not to POV, that is the question

My WIP, SHIFT HAPPENS, is currently a single POV. I like single POVs, such as Kelley Armstrong's books. In life, I only have a single POV. I have to guess what you're thinking by looking and listening, right? But they don't seem to be the norm, anymore.

I dunno if SH will benefit from adding the Love Interest's POV as well. Or if I'm just shying away from a whole bunch of new work.

What do people think? Multiple POVs or single; which do you prefer to read?

SHIFT HAPPENS is novel-length, third person, past tense.