March 6th, 2009


It's 2:30. Is it safe to announce today is a really great day?

It's been a great day, so far. First, I figured out how to make the opening scene of SHIFT HAPPENS a lot more effective. There I was emailing myself my WIP fix from the dog park. I will have a good two days to work on it!

There was a minor crisis this morning when Jazzy (see icon) slipped on the ice and just lay there in a dirty puddle waiting for Mommy to help her back up on all four feet. And she slipped a second time. She didn't even yarp. That's a bit worrisome. I don't think we'll go through the woods until the last of the ice is gone.

But now it's a glorious day, +15 instead of the -15 it was last week (and the week before and the month before...)

Mr. BigCorporateBossman is on vacation today and has only phoned and emailed three times so far.

Got a great review on GYM DANDY. Four out of five Fallen Angels. Yay! Here's an excerpt from the review:

Storm Grant delivers a story filled with drama, comedy, and romance in Gym Dandy. The one-liners in this book kept me in bouts of laughter. Victor took the English language on a few excursions and lost the battle, but what a battle it was. Doug and Victor both had painful past experience to get over. I really could understand Victor’s pain, and I understood why Doug had to get the shaft. But it doesn’t mean I wanted him hurt. It was hard to dislike either of these characters. Watching Doug’s transformation from caterpillar to butterfly was a wonderful experience. In addition, this is a sidebar for those of you looking for hot torrid sex in every chapter, don’t. Gym Dandy will deliver some action, a bit of suspense, enough drama to make you wish for a stress free life, and humorous events and conversations. There is sex, but not a great deal of it. For me, the nonsexual portions of the story were more than enough to keep my attention.

Then I had lunch with hauntfox. We had pad Thai which was a bit gelatinous but tasty, then walked around in the sunshine a bit.

I'd dearly love to quit while I'm ahead. Can I go home now?