March 5th, 2009

Gym Dandy Cover

Amazon Rankings. My wonderful Indigo Experience.

After several days off, GYM DANDY has jumped back up on Amazon's gay bestseller list this morning. I've started watching the rankings, as well. In one day it'll jump from 80,000th (of all zillion books on Amazon), down to 350,000th, and then back up again. If only there was a way to check actual copies (by format) sold.

I'm told that Siren Press only sells from their own website and authors can go check their sales hourly. There's something to be said for that. I wouldn't mind waiting three quarters to get the money if I could get my updates in the interum. It's all computerized these days; we should all be able to get our sales figures instantly. All they need is a simple disclaimer about accuracy and TPTB's collective ass would be covered.

In other news, the day job seems a little more undercontrol this week. Why can't I retire now?

And in other, other news... I went over to my local Indigo (big box book retailer in the mall attached to my office tower) yesterday. I was keying in "GYM DANDY" to their sophisticated book search system when a nice young clerk came up behind me. "Oh, you won't find that in the system since it's a consignment book. Let me take you to it." Wow. I'd only gotten as far as "GYM DAN..." and the guy knew it.

He led me to the general fiction section (I'd had a choice. I'd picked that over romance.) and showed me my book. There is was. All six copies spine out. I asked if he wanted them signed and he said he'd check with the manager. I wandered away a bit to give him the illusion of privacy while he called her. Of course I was thrilled when he said "Face out? I'll have to shift some stuff around but sure. I'll make it happen." So I signed my books and left knowing they'd be face out from now on.

The young clerk, Aaron, had to go attend to a customer, but before he left, he shook my hand and said "thank you". I didn't get the impression he was thanking me for coming in, but rather for writing a gay book. Yay!