February 27th, 2009

I Do Cover

Another great review of "I DO"

From Lavender Magazine, Minnesota’s GLBT Magazine
Book reviews by Richard Labonte

I Do: An Anthology in Support of Marriage Equality
edited by Kris Jacen
MLR Press, $14.99, 306 pages  <--such a deal! Remember all proceeds to help fight Prop 8!

How swell that good intentions combine with entertaining writing. In the wake of California’s Prop. 8, which muddied the gay marriage waters, MLR Press donated the printing and 21 writers donated their talents to this anthology, all proceeds for the Lambda Legal fund. One surprise: All but one contributor (or, maybe, two) are women, though most of the stories are about men loving men, almost always realistically so. Among the manly standouts by women: Storm Grant’s “Lust in Translation,” about a night of sex between a vice cop and a waif plucked from a rainstorm. On the distaff side, Allison Wonderland’s “Holy Macaroni (and Cheese)” is a charming tale about two girls who grow up to be women in love. The odd man in is Jerry Wheeler, whose “Templeton’s in Love” is a memorably romantic story about two men reconnecting years after one left the other for a woman; by contrast, gender-ambiguous Marquesate’s “Code of Honour,” about two tough men who meet in the French Foreign Legion, is memorably intense. Stories are heat-rated, from “sweet” to “scorching”—a nice touch.


Thank you, Richard!
Gym Dandy Cover

Another score!

Today, I went to Glad Day (Canada's oldest gay bookstore). Like Indigo, at first they were wary and sent "go away" vibes, which makes me wonder what kind of people usually arrive at bookstores bearing books. Huh.

Anyway, the high quality production values, Greg Herren's (scottynola) cover quote, and my intro from local author Jeff Round got their attention and by the time I left, they had several "signed by the author" copies of GYM DANDY displayed face-out, and were flipping through the MLR catalogue looking for more books.

They said they'd put GYM DANDY up on the website as well. I assume that will be true for whatever titles they chose to carry.

They displayed my promo bookmarks (which feature GYM DANDY on one side and I DO on the other) right next to the cash, and thanked me for bringing the book and the catalogue in. They said they usually spend ages seeking out appropriate books and here I'd delivered right to their door!

So... another success I'd say. I think maybe I missed my calling. ;-D