February 26th, 2009

Gym Dandy Cover

Sick, Behind, Curious, and Visiting a Bookstore Today.

I'm nearly done with the 2 weeks from hell at the day job. The fact that I came down with the corporate cold didn't help. ::sniffle:: I am working OT and dragging myself home to swallow many cold remedies and crashing early. I owe people responses to emails and lj comments. I are a bad internet buddy. It's times like this I get Twitter because 140 characters was all I have the energy for.

But on the bright side (yes, I am a Pollyanna. Sue me.), GYM DANDY rose as high as #33 on Amazon's gay bestseller list. I don't have any idea how that translates into sales or what it's based on. I know I won't find out first quarter sales from Amazon until third or fourth quarter, but I guess I'll have more meaningful observations to make at that time.

Okay, off to drag myself to the office. I've got to drop by the dentist to get the stitches removed from my recent dental surgery. His office is just a few blocks from Glad Day bookstores (which is now, with the closing of A Different Light in San Francisco, North America's oldest gay bookstore). Armed with an introduction from Jeff Round who's much better connected than me, I plan to ask them to carry GYM DANDY. I'm also taking then a copy of MLR Press's entire catalogue in hopes they'll begin carrying MLR's titles.

Wish me luck!
Gym Dandy Cover

Indigo offered me a book signing!

My schedule shifted and I'm going to Glad Day tomorrow instead, so I used the time today to drop by my local big box Indigo (think Canada's Barnes & Noble) to see if the Consignment Manager had come to any conclusion about GYM DANDY. I'd left her with a copy a couple of weeks ago.

She said she liked the book (and left a big long nervous pause where I thought she was trying to tell me to take my book and get lost), then agreed to carry it in their store (near my office) and that her manager had suggested we do a book signing even tied in with Toronto's Pride Week! W00t!

I said I didn't think I would be much of a draw by myself, but that I knew other local writers who wrote gay books and we could put something together. I'm not sure how it will work, but I think a few of us could do a bang-up job.

So GYM DANDY is now available at the Yonge and Eglinton Indigo. I am hoping that once it's entered into the system, it'll be available on their website, as well.

I also left them with a copy of MLR Press's catlaogue. I hope they fire it off to their buying department.

Cool, eh?