February 21st, 2009


SHHH! Author authoring.

I have not put a new word on SHIFT HAPPENS in weeks; I've been so wrapped up in promoting I DO, GYM DANDY, and TECHNO THRALL and the freakin' day job, that I've barely had time to think about it, let alone write anything new. I've so many commitments. When will I learn to say, "love to, but..."?

I spent last night re-writing a query letter for a member of my brainstorming group. I hope she finds it useful. I do have to read through a bunch of paperwork for Toronto's Word on the Street Book Fair. I took on the organization of a booth for my RWA group and the application/payment is due this week. I used to do the trade show circuit for a company I worked with back in the 80s, so I can probably do this fairly easily. Too bad writing a novel isn't something I can do fairly easily. ::sigh::

Today, I'm been up since 5:30 working on character worksheets for SHIFT HAPPENS. I'm having a whole whack of forehead slapping moments and know there's some re-writing to be done... again. But this time to add depth.

So I'm hanging out the DO NOT DISTURB sign. I owe people emails and I will eventually do a review of emlynley's SEX, LIES AND WEDDING BELLS. Here's the elevator version for now:

I bought Em's book because she's my friend. I finished it with delight because it's that good. If you like sexy contemporary m/m that's a lot of fun and highly romantic, then go get it now. There's lots of great sex. I enjoyed it. So will you. But, hey. Don't take my word for it. Literary Nymphs gave it a 4.5 star review!

Miss you already!