February 8th, 2009

Gym Dandy Cover

Drive-by update

Just finished a quick update of my website. So much is happening for me right now I can barely keep up! I added reviews to the I DO page and GYM DANDY, added my author interview to my bio page. Wow! Between all that and my cat lounging on my books, I feel like I've really arrived!

I loaded up a new excerpt from GYM DANDY. Enjoy!

(And be sure to let me know of broken links and other sillinesses. Thanks!)
Going Pro 101

Time. Why is there so little?

On Friday, I went to my local Chapters/Indigo (think Barnes+Noble) and spoke to the manager about carrying GYM DANDY in that location. I dunno why they're so cagey about taking books on consignment. But at least she didn't say no. Next I've got to go to the two gay bookstores here in town and see if they'll carry it. 

I sent out some more requests for reviews... this time to local media. I wonder if it will come to anything.

This morning, I updated my website and created my very own Amazon stores, both .com and .ca. Thank you erastes for the brilliant instructions.

And laundry. There's always laundry.

You may notice there isn't any writing being done. I think all the flurry of marketing is just so much writing-avoidance. I wish I hated marketing, then writing could be marketing-avoidance. ::sigh::

Yesterday Mr. Grumpy and I helped hauntfox move. She did live in another town, now she lives 2 blocks away. I'm a little sore, but not nearly as expected, although I'm sure forgetting my wrist brace undid all the good the physio has done so far this month. Still, another of my fave peeps now lives within screaming distance. When are you-all moving here? (Canada in February... not the easiest sell.)

Off to a family do this afternoon.

Thursday... more dental surgery. Yay!
Big Mouth Fan

You'll never believe this!

My sister-in-law had a tiny dinner party tonight in honour of various birthdays and my first book release. Imagine my surprise when after dinner, she placed a huge cake in front of me:

Me, book, cake.
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Now she didn't make it, but she had it made for me and that's really, really something. I was just blown away!