February 6th, 2009

Gym Dandy Cover

GYM DANDY: Fictionwise #1 bestseller... in HUMOR? A triumph for gay writers everywhere!

GYM DANDY is doing pretty well as GBLT fiction. It toggles between pages 3 and 4 on All Romance eBook's list of bestselling gay/lesbian fitcion. (There are 156 pages.) At time of writing, it was #42 out of 1560 books listed. 

But since the day it debuted, it's been #1 in Humor on Fictionwise. Check out their homepage for bestsellers. There I am, 2 slots above P.G. Wodehouse. And look. Waaayyy down the list are Christopher Moore, Dave Barry, and Stephen Colbert?!? To quote Dr. Suess, who didn't even make the list, "Whodda thunk?"


It says the list is based on the last 20 days sales. GYM DANDY has only been on the Fictionwise site for a few days so maybe I'll stay there awhile.

I consider this terrific progress in terms of the acceptance of gay fiction. Up till recently, the "gay" tended to trump all other genres, so whether it's mystery, sci-fi, suspense, romance, whatever, it's the gay part that means immediate rejection from agents and traditional publishers. (And, should you be lucky enough to find a print publisher like MLR, your book is likely to get relegated to the "gay ghetto" in any non-specialty bookstore.) So the fact that GYM DANDY is getting more play as a humor novel than as a gay novel is something of a triumph for all of us. Next thing you know we'll be getting shelved in the romance, mystery, horror, sci-fi sections.

I attribute the success (assuming the numbers have any actual meaning) to the fact that on the day it released, Fictionwise/ereader.com fired out a newsletter with GYM DANDY showcased under "New Humor". No idea how I scored that coup ("eReader.com is a division of Fictionwise, Inc."). I can only assume since it had one book listed for every genre, that it was a general promo newsletter that went to anyone who'd signed up. 

So just goes to show that luck still plays a huge part in one's success. Doesn't mean I'll stop with the carefully planned marketing, though.