January 29th, 2009

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Frantically busy!!!

New book, birthday, doubled workload at the day job. I owe everyone emails and replies to their good wishes and congratulations. Sorry. Sorry. I'll get back to you...eventually. Honest.
Had a great birthday yesterday.
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I Do Cover

The "I Do" Anthology Rocks!

The "I Do" anthology is currently ranked #10 at All Romance ebooks. (Look at the first list on the left-hand side of the homepage.)

Here's a collection of reviews about "I Do", a few that mention my small contribution, Lust in Translation.

Anne Brooke on "I Do":
And talking of short stories, I've just finished the I Do Anthology - in support of gay marriage equality in eBook version. A nice mix of stories, some erotic and some not... Particular favourites include Outed by Clare London (a witty tale of an unexpected coming out moment which includes a brother/sister conversation that made me laugh out loud. It's my joint favourite and a classy read), Lust in Translation by Storm Grant (where a hooker isn't entirely what he seems and a cop gets rather more than he bargained for), Making Memory by Lisabet Sarai (a moving encounter between two very different women) and Code of Honour by Marquesate (my other joint favourite in the collection - a short story with considerable depth set in the Foreign Legion with two very strong leads. I couldn't put it down, in a virtual sense). And special mention has to go to gay fiction stalwarts, Alex Beecroft, Sharon Maria Bidwell, Fiona Glass and Erastes (whose story of grief relived actually had me crying at the start), all of whom can always be relied on to produce a good solid tale well told. Worth a read for sure and of course it's a very good cause.

Rainbow Reviews:
BOOK BLURB: 21 authors contributing 20 stories of love and commitment.
Shaz does a story-by-story review; about my offering, she says: ‘Lust in Translation’ is the best story for the anthology thus far. What a fresh and original story. The story had great characterization, not only just filled with some steamy sex scenes and overall just a great piece. This is another author to look out for.

Val Kovalin at Obsidianbookshelf.com writes:
My overall impression here at Obsidianbookshelf.com: this is a seriously good anthology that belongs in the collection of anyone who values literary gay and lesbian fiction.  It also supports a very worthy cause. [And while she didn't like the basic premise of the story, but did like my writing:] This story contains a lot of good qualities such as strongly written action scenes, vivid sensory detail, and male characters who seem like believable men.

elisa_rolle on Amazon:
Lust in Translation by Storm Grant (m/m): Tyler is a cop who is having a crap night. Justin is a man who doesn't know what he is having, since he is lost in drugs he didn't know he was taking. When Tyler stops Justin on the street, he thinks the man to be a rent boy, but since it's raining, and the department has other things to do, and Tyler is not on duty, why not taking the man at home with him? and when they are warm and comfortable, why not having a bit of fun? Problem is that Tyler is allergic to any drugs, and thanks to a broken condom... well let us say that he "shares" Justin's essence. From a one night stand to something more is only a brief path, in a very nice and mostly funny story.

There are four more reviews on the Amazon site that all rave about "I Do". If you haven't already ordered your copy, please do so right away. All proceeds go to support marriage equality.