January 21st, 2009


Stuff 'n things

Home sick today. Woke up dizzy. Nothing else, just dizzy. Anyone else having that? Is it something going around?

Another review of "I Do". Yay!

elisa_rolle reviews Robie Madison's "Gay Paris".

Gym Dandy inches its way toward availability. It's now up on Barnes and Noble avec cover art!  But not yet available. I wonder if I'm just dizzy with excitement.
And nearly 500 people have viewed the Gym Dandy book trailer. (You have to add the 2 numbers together. One has the revised release date.)

I'm currently reading Tamara Allen's Whistling in the Dark. Wow! No wonder Lethe Press (mroctober) jumped at the chance to publish it. It's terrific!
ETA: Lethe Press has an lj: lethepress  I'd forgotten that. Doh!