January 18th, 2009

Gym Dandy Cover

Reviews for you and for me

Still working on reviews today. Thanks to everyone who commented yesterday.

This morning I found a site that offers a free search engine of review sites. (The free version doesn't offer a lot of search options, but it's got links and appears to be a vetted list.) http://www.bookconnector.com/

Of course you still have to poke through the sites to figure out if they take GBLT and in what format: some want an email query, some have online forms, some want the entire book immediately. Some have guidelines; some don't.

I'm putting all this in the database (Excel). I want to put the list up somewhere in a format that's editable by all. Does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe a google.doc spreadsheet with the password and link right on my website.

I also discovered that my Torquere story, Tart and Soul, wasn't just reviewed by Joyfully Reviewed last July, it was actually a "Recommended Read"! Cool. What a nice surprise on a cold January morning.  If you think you'd like to check out “an unusual but charming read!”, it's available at the Amazon Kindle store for $1.99. (Cheapest price I've found.)

And now back to the marketing stuff. I need a bumper sticker that reads: "I'D RATHER BE WRITING!"

tilting @ windmills

Enough business posts for the day...

In addition to all the marketing stuff, I have done a ton of housework and now I think I'm coming down with a sore throat. Poor me.

But somehow, my sore throat doesn't seem all that terrible when compared with some of the health issues my friends face.

And then our Steve gets a death threat for the crime of a dismissive review. I've sent out one review request after another today hoping for an acknowledgment, let alone a good review. Death-threat-guy needs to grow up... or maybe be locked up. I just saw a recap post showing that fandom has taken up the "no death threats" cry. This character can run but he can't hide. Take care, Steve.

So virtual {{{hugz}}} to my online and real life pals. Everybody stay warm.

What an odd weekend... and yet I'm not looking forward the day job tomorrow. I didn't put a single word on either writing project this week, and now one of my publishers has got me thinking about ghost stories, instead. Oh, noes!