January 16th, 2009

Gym Dandy Cover

I has GYM DANDY reviewer copy!

I'm too exhausted to type more than one explanation mark, but yay!

I received this morning a copy of Gym Dandy the ebook and an electronic version of the print book to send to reviewers. (Will be available for purchase very shortly.) I should probably do something with them, but I had a looonnnnggg day at the newly doubled-the-workload dayjob and I'm exhausted. I'll do the reviewer thing tomorrow.

Do you send the entire ebook to review sites with a covering memo?
Do you send a sort of query letter?
Do you send a press release?

What do you do to get reviewed?
If you're a reviewer, what would you like to see?

In other news, the I Do anthology is now listed on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Actually, it's available in lots of formats in lots of places: Available At All Romance Ebooks (ebook), mobipocket (ebook), fictionwise (ebook), Barnes & Noble (paperback), Amazon.com (Kindle), Amazon.com (paperback). All of the links are gathered on the MLR Press site. (And oh, look. If you click on "Upcoming Releases", there's Gym Dandy, third from the top!)

Charming and speedy reviewer elisa_rolle has just posted a story-by-story review of "I Do". Thank you, Elisa!