January 9th, 2009


It's public now

Yesterday the company I work for did some major restructuring--not as a response to the economy, we're good there--but our new CEO started this week and already had a plan in place. This is it for layoffs for the foreseeable future, they've said; no waiting around wondering if you're next. (Which is great compared to the "fall harvest" at the last place I worked... and was twice laid off.)

So Mr. BigCorporateBossman is now pretty clearly the number 2 guy in the company, having doubled his portfolio. I don't get that. "We're so pleased with your work that we're giving you TWICE as much!" He thinks of it as a reward. I think of it as a horrible punishment. I guess that's why he has a big (faux) mahogany office with a private bathroom while I share a dent in the hallway with Best Cubemate-Evah. (Her boss also got a whopping big addition to his already whopping big portfolio.)

So I anticipate my own workload doubling, as well. I guess I won't have time to do stuff like email my friends or update my livejournal on company time anymore. Oh, wait... ;-)

The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Going Pro 101

New submission guidelines at Loose-ID

Check out Jules Jones' post of yesterday: http://julesjones.livejournal.com/296601.html

Jules talks about Loose-ID's new submission guidelines, highlighting the following: "Stories of 55,000 - 75,000 words will receive an advance and be automatically considered for print." And "we're reopening submissions to contemporaries and historicals that are sufficiently erotic to meet our desire to have readers squirming in their seats."

So if you've got a contemporary or historical that's het and hot, they're interested.

Now "automatically considered" doesn't really represent commitment, but it's encouraging none-the-less.

ETA: Jules has posted some additional info in the comments. Please to be reading.
I Do Cover

Brand Spankin' New Website for the I Do Anthology

The "I Do" anthology has a new website courtesy of the talented Chris Smith.  It features blurbs for all 20 stories and links to the websites of all 21 authors. 

Go. Admire. Then buy! All proceeds, (not just the profits, but every cent since MLR is generously covering all printing costs) go to help Lambda Legal fight Prop 8.

(And if you happen to enjoy my wee contribution, that's great!)

And now I must go carry on with the proofing of Gym Dandy.