January 6th, 2009


lj antics

I dunno if lj is going anywhere, and if they do I dunno where I'll be going, but rest assured I'll be blogging. It's addictive and I'd miss you guys far too much. I'll friend you when I land somewhere. I successfully backed up both of my ljs--took less than 5 minutes, so I won't lose any of your insightful comments.

I'm done proofing the galleys of Techno Thrall for Lyrical and must now transfer my changes to their worksheet and send them back to the editor.
Then, I have to do the last pre-galley read-through of Gym Dandy for MLR and get that back to the editor.
I know I've been neglecting the I Do anthology. (Sorry, Alex. Really.) I will try and get to the talking it up before too much longer. (And also do a better webpage.)

I saw a specialist today about my arm problems. (Who, among my flist, also has arm problems? Raise your hand. Oh, sorry.) From high tech ECG to acupuncture-fine needles inserted into my muscles whereby we listened--listened--to my nerves and muscles function. They sound like thunder, getting louder with exertion. Amazing. So we determine yet again that it's not carpal tunnel. So 4+ years and we're back when I first arrived at my GP and said, "My arm hurts all the time, but according to the research I've done on the internet, I don't think it's carpal tunnel." ::sigh:: At least the visits are covered by OHIP.