January 4th, 2009

stormy weather

Marketing, writing, and... shredding?

Despite being on my deathbed, I managed to do up some nice promo pieces for Gym Dandy, completely re-write the no-longer-abandoned novel Shift Happens, and shred a entire box of personal documents going back 15 years... once piece of paper at a time.

The last two compete in my mind for Hugest Accomplishment of 2009 So Far.

I gave up Shift Happens as painfully flawed, but suddenly realized that it should return to its roots as an m/m novella. I spent the next couple of days cutting scenes, writing new scenes and changing gender. (Using search and replace is a good start, until you get to "his panties grew damp". Um, yeah. Now that's a kink of a different genre.) I cut an entire plotline and hacked off 20,000 words. It's still nearly 65,000 words long which is easily enough to get it in print. It needs a bunch of polishing yet, but it's gotta go back on the shelf for another couple of weeks because...

Lyrical sent me the galleys for Techno Thrall this weekend and MLR is sending me galleys for Gym Dandy in the next couple of days. Oh, noes! I have a lot of proofing to do.

But Stormy, tell us about the shredding.

Well, we have a cheap shredder that only takes 1 or 2 sheets at a time and only for about 5 minutes before it overheats and shuts itself off. Now I'm all for appliances shutting off before they burst into flame, but after a solid week of shred, wait, shred, wait, shred... I have exactly 7 sheets of paper left and the damn thing shuts down. Aaarrrgghhh! But I will go to bed tonight with paper dust in my hair and 4 of the large-size garbage bags full of "confetti cut" personal records awaiting the next recycle collection day. Clean file draws with room for new paper. What a great way to start the new year!

ATTENTION GTA FOLK: Check out the new schedule for the Toronto chapter of the RWA. With the exception of special events, you can attend up to two meetings free of charge. http://www.torontoromancewriters.com/schedule.html

And finally, check out the I Do anthology. It's now available in e-book and shortly in print.